Kevin Panke


Design quality over quantity.
Being objective not subjective.
More substance less presence.


I color for a living.

I don’t have a “sense” for design. Instead, I depend on my extensive cross-media design experience. I rely on a solid strategy to build upon. I bank on my ability to work ahead of the trends. And I trust in my gift to question everything.

Honestly, I think the band, Boston, pretty much summed up my approach to design: “It’s more than a feeling.”

My design philosophy can be simplified to three words: Craft. Quality. Experience.

  • Craft is the power to create purposeful design.

  • Quality is the fuel to grow unbreakable partnerships.

  • Experience is the engine for all relationships.

I believe human insights fuel innovative ideas. Realizing the idea is even more important. I pride myself on being able to work across the lifecycle of a project from start to completion.

Ultimately, I'm all about working smart, having fun & being challenged. To create clean, engaging & inventive designs across the digital atmosphere. That's what I try to do every day. 



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